Finding Haven is a projected one-hour supernatural/adventure series in the mold of Supernatural, Torchwood, and an adult-aimed Buffy the Vampire Slayer
It would fit best in the ten-o'clock hour of Network Television, or on a Cable Network such as FX or Showtime, and expects to attract a viewership 18-49.
Beyond casual viewers, the series will encourage a dedicated group of internet-savvy fans
with stories tied to real-life unsolved mysteries throughout history (why did Jack the Ripper disappear after only 5 victims?),
multiple intriguing details ("that wild Opening Theme's based on what Mary Kelly sang before she was murdered!")
and by reimagining music from the last 2 centuries as driving Rock, Rap and Jazz by today's hottest young groups,
which will then be released in yearly special-edition sets.
Individual Episodes are done-in-one investigations of aggressive and horrible phenomena, hazards that can only be addressed

by a team willing to risk their lives and souls to protect humanity-at-large, and well prepared to use unconventional means.
There is also an arc for each Season, as we unfold the mystery of Tom Harper,
follow his redemption as a human being,
and forge the Haven Foundation team into a family.




F I N D I N G   H A V E N

Tom Harper's been released from prison by the secretive Haven Foundation,
a team dedicated to saving humanity from the supernatural forces it refuses to see.

But he has a secret of his own that may endanger them all:  an ancient horror he's hunted for over a century
that has possessed his best friend, slaughtered his wife, and left Tom gifted and cursed with near-eternal life.
Finding Haven will follow the destructive trail of the fiend and its spawn,
will confront The Foundation's true and hidden purpose,
will seek salvation for a man out of his time, in an age that's forgotten the worth of a human soul ...
w i t h   b r o a d s w o r d s   a n d   b i g   g u n s .




... for a metaphoric and slightly surrealistic look inside the life and mind of Tom Harper, click below:

creature art by Michael Bukowski, timelines & character sketches by Jeffrey Stackhouse
featuring music by Michal the Girl from her album Strung Out




"I think it's great, better every time I read it.
Nice to finally get a fantasy hero with some depth and some balls.
The dialogue is loaded with instant classics; I keep quoting them to my son"
Walter Olkewicz
actor in over 70 TV series and 20 Feature films
Seinfeld, Grace Under Fire, The Client, Twin Peaks Fire Walk
"I'm very impressed with your work.
It's powerful, provocative, and highly entertaining."
Jennifer Berg
Administrative Director, Page Int. Screenwriting Awards
"It's really interesting, very strong.  I love the hooks into historical figures and situations.
Let me know when you're ready, and thanks for thinking of me."
David Lawrence
Heroes' Puppetmaster, Lost