BRONZE WINNER in the Action/Adventure Category of the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards

"It's an absolutely exciting script;
the dialogue's like something written by Cormac McCarthy.
I'll do whatever I can to move the project along."
Art LaFleur
actor in over 50 feature films
and more than 70 TV projects
"The script is haunting.
The dialogue is spot-on in the way it captures each character and their dialect.
The Rider is a stoic and heroic protagonist, and the authors do a great job
of visually painting the town and uncovering its secrets slowly.
The subject matter could resonate with an audience who enjoy dark dramas."
The Black List reviewer
"I loved reading it.
A straight-up and savage revenge story with great suspense
and a hero women will swoon over. Not a missed beat.
What amazing fun this would be for a director."
"The dialogue is so much better than Deadwood.
They should use this to show people how to write a script."
Del Howison
Bram Stoker Award winner as Best Editor
Writer of the series premiere episode for NBC's Fear Itself


"I read the script and liked it very much.
Stunning, for the barbarity of retribution and retaliation.
What's next? Please keep me informed."
Marc Singer
Beastmaster, Eagle Eye, Emmy winner for If You Cd See What I Hear
"The Confederate soldier avenging the black family's death was an amazing hook
and the fights were just horrifying. The blending of the genres was a great idea.
Where's the sequel?"
Ed Wallace
Producer of The Slamdance Film Festival for 5 years
Story Analyst for The Slamdance Screenwriting Contest

"Once I started, I couldn't stop. Absolutely loved it; very gritty and fresh.
I'll certainly keep you in mind for interpretations of my own material.
multiple award-winn
ing fantasy artist and author
"You mentioned that this script is an homage to the films of Sergio Leone.
I can assure you, you have hit that goal and perhaps even outdone the master at his own game.
Thank you for allowing me to spend an hour or so in a magical and frightening place ... I loved it."
Tim Dunigan
Walt Disney's Davy Crockett
"I just finished reading Forsaken. Wow. Wow. What a story."
Robb Wolford
Writer/Director of The Crusaders
(Winner Best Comics Film at San Diego International ComicCon)

Finding Haven

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Jae Lee, Andrew Robinson, Tim Truman, Leinel Yu and Mr. Johnny Cash)