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New Stuff

Forsaken (which won Bronze for Action/Adventure!) and Finding Haven have new web pages, linked with their graphics, below,
and you'll find some teaser art for Wendy's and my newest scripts, down at the bottom of the page.


Jonathan Price's smart and evocative 5-part opera Aesopera was a major success at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

For our theater, we bought comfortable and cheap sectionals, chairs and other furniture. The director provides enough money for equipping and furniture for us.


Meaghan & The Spotlight Advanced Girls Choir of Luther Burbank Middle School
perform "The Winner Takes It All" from Mamma Mia.
Click on the image.  And that last note is well worth the wait; not sure I could do that one.

Here's a duet I did with my 9-year-old, Liam, at a church service.
It's his first solo in public, so it was a sweet
moment to be able to share.
Hold those you love often and closely, it's a hard world out there ...


So, I finally get to divulge that a script I co-wrote called Code Name Oracle has been bought and is being developed
as a feature film by
MaXaM Productions in England.  I can't reveal any more 'til they make their own announcements,
but it's all in somebody else's hands now, in any case. 
The logline from their site which I also wrote is below.

"At the height of the Roman Empire, a young man dies a mysterious death on the banks of the Nile,
creating a cult which will change the face of civilization.
His features are struck on coins and his eyes stare from every statue,
yet the location of his final resting place vanishes in the sea of time.
Now an archaeologist and the greatest computer hacker in the world
have stumbled onto something both amazing and terrifying,
a secret they wish they did not possess,
but that powerful forces will kill to protect.
Through the magnificent streets of modern Rome
and in an ancient city buried deep beneath her hills,
the hunt for a treasure stolen from the library at Alexandria
becomes a desperate and deadly race to save their lives,
and unravel the tangled mystery of the lost boy god."
Following the tradition of movies like The Da Vinci Code and National Treasure, 
Code Name Oracle  will meld factual historical mystery with edge-of-the-seat adventure
in beautiful and extraordinary locations.

Shadowland Productions

Forsaken won BRONZE in Action/Adventure at The Page International Screenwriting Awards,
and some exciting industry-pro support is listed on its new
web page.
Our most recent laud is from a Blacklist reviewer:
"The dialogue is spot-on in the way it captures each character and their dialect.  The script is haunting.  The Rider is a stoic
and heroic protagonist, and the authors do a great job of visually painting the town and uncovering its secrets slowly.
The subject matter could resonate with an audience who enjoy dark dramas."


Finding Haven is a projected horror/adventure series for television created in the mold
of long-running hits
like Supernatural, Fringe and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
Its new web page with logline and short trailer is here.

its a spacing graphic, for goodness sake

Click here for the trailer of the first thing I co-wrote (a few years ago),
Ignotus (unknown, in Italian).  The film won over 25 major awards,
including the Cisterna D'Argento, also accepted by Pope John Paul and Nelson Mandella.

26 awards!

Here's 4 beautiful minutes of the solo work Wendy did at our church recently
on Rutter's Pie Jesu, from his Requiem.
(... and yes, our Lord loved Him some pie.

Mmmm, pie.)

Our California Intermediate Handspinning Champion
won a blue and three red ribbons for 2 skeins and 2 socks this year
at the LA County Fair.

Handspinning Champion

Pilgrim's workshop has finished, and now we wait on tenterhooks to see where the producers will take it to make changes.  Meanwhile, if you're curious about what the new face of theater will look like, click on the image below to view a 3-minute video, or go see their site from our links page. 
By-the-bye, that's me 16 feet in the air, and t
here are some costume pics from the show on stack

just click, already
pls, pay attention

Upcoming Projects
Copyright & WGAw registered
Shadowland Productions

The story of a Boy and his Dog, and the science that brought them together.
It ain't Frankenweenie.
Now a Finalist at Shriekfest Horror Film Festival!

The horrors of war are hardly the beginning :

Trying to combine my love of Harlaxton and my need to tell a truly horrible-beyond-all-words story
dealing with meaningful questions about the nature of the universe a'la Wm Peter Blatty's gory and goofy
The Ninth Configuration, I stumbled upon a refutation of The Ontological Proof set out by David Gasking
Once I'd settled on a group of 80 students in a hugely rambling manse
with a history of exorcism,
prayer wheels inscribed onto hard drives, the true nature of sacrifice, and an entity greater than God,
Wendy and I had started on our latest script, for which you'll see the image below.
(and since I ain't all that bright, I'll see you when I come up for air in about a year . . . )

Full Moon Over Harlaxton


Lilith, The Rock Opera, has been released.  The folks over at Talkin' Broadway said: 
"... appropriately strong and with requisite melodrama is Satan, Jeffrey Stackhouse.
He does especially well in his role as The Snake, showing real versatility and creating palpable tension"

Check out the Lilith link in favorites for composer Tom Kugler's site, which also posts notices for concerts of the work in and around LA.

Lillith concert



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